Girls Only Club

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I watched as a clumsy blonde marched through the room with seeming purpose, toward a sexy girl with short brown hair wearing a ripped Beatles tank, and super-tight, holey jeans that were cut off just above her cute, knobby knees. The arrogant brunette didn’t take her eyes off the blonde from the moment they found her lean sexy body and golden locks from across the poorly lit bar. 

Blondie wrung her hands in nervousness. She nearly fell into the lap of Beatles hottie upon arrival when she drilled her calf into a neighboring stool and was now biting her lower lip, maybe she’s out of her league. Beatles hottie rolls her eyes, smiles a half-smile, then shoves her hand down the blonde’s front, right against her skin. The blonde sucked in her breath and held it while her pussy was being explored by thin, soft fingertips. You could tell she was already wet by the way her hips were pressing into Beatle’s hip and the way her lips were slightly parted though she couldn’t breathe. 

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