View the facial abuse of mayli

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I haven’t had the best day so far and I can’t see that improving. My boss has just been a total assclown to me so I figured I would pretend that I was sick just to go home and let it all out with young teen sex. I must admit the facial abuse of mayli did shock me a little at first but I also couldn’t keep my eyes away from the action.

I have to give this girl credit she takes it like a champ and even a cock as big as that doesn’t stand a chance with her. She takes whatever facial action comes her way and she never lets a cock leave without it giving her some sweet satisfaction. You can try to pull a move on her if you dare but chances are high that she already knows what game you’re playing.

Keep it simple is what works best for a willing facial slut and they sure don’t come much more willing than this smoking hot stunner!