Next Level Multitasking

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She looks like she could actually be on a teleconference, she has that look of a sexy sales executive or even a more senior position in a corporate and she’s working in a quicky while not skipping a beat in the business world.

As not to ignore the elephant in the room; wtf does that tattoo say? The last word looks suspiciously like it says “dick” but I actually think the whole thing is German and that the word is “dich”. I can’t make out the other two words to make actual sense of it though, perhaps one of you clever people can?

I wouldn’t mind knowing what her name is either so I can check out some more of her work, she’s pretty damn sexy and red lingerie, well that’s never hurt anyone.

In the mean time I am going to grab myself 73% off at VR Bangers with this discount link since I recently acquired VR goggles and what a waste it would be if I didn’t use it for porn.